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What coolant is recommended for rotary broaching titanium?

Typically, coolant is not a requirement for rotary broaching. Rotary broaching creates very little heat. However, turning some types of titanium with carbide tools may be more effective with higher concentrations of coolant. This may also be the case with rotary broaching, but such minimal impact is unknown at this time. So there isn't really a coolant recommended for rotary broaching titanium.

An advantage of using coolant or cutting oil while rotary broaching would be to improve the surface finish. Lubricating the cutting edge this way can help the cutting tools and the work piece. This is often the case with conventional broaching and may apply to some rotary broaching applications as well. If your broach and holder have pressure relief holes, you won't have to worry about flooding the area with coolant if you decide to try it.

 Last updated Tue, Mar 18 2014 11:00pm

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